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About Us

Information about Cyber Search Net

Updated 2013, January 1st • Effective 2013, February 1st


  • About us
  • We are yet another search engine site, in our case, it's a meta search, searching more then on place.

  • Jobs
  • We might be hiring, if you are interested in a position at our company, please send your resume to: jobs@cybersearchnet.com
  • Investor Relations
If you are interested in investing in our company, you can send an email to investors@cybersearchnet.com for more information.
  • News

2011-09-07: Site re-designed.

2011-04-01: Found the meaning of life.

2011-01-01: Search site goes live.

  • Company

We are Cyber Search Net (CSN), founded in 2004...

  • Founded: 2004
  • Headquarters: America
  • Employees: 1 (computer)

Mission: Make search simple