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Service Agreement

Terms of Use

Updated 2013, January 1st • Effective 2013, February 1st


  1. What this covers
  2. Your use of Cyber Search Net ("we"), and the cybersearchnet.com ("our") website.
  3. Using our service
  4. You must not use our services for evil. For example to harm, or cause to harm another person, to harass or threaten others. You are NOT allowed to abuse or over use our services, or servers. You are prohibited from accessing our website for the purpose of hacking it..
  5. Code of conduct
  6. Our services are for use by people of at least 160 moons.
  7. Your ID
  8. We may provide you with a user name for use to customize your experance with our site, that User ID will be protected with a password. You are solely responsible for your account's security. Keep your password secret.
  9. Privacy
  10. We collect a small about of data, your IP address, and some other information, all of which is used to help improve your site. This service is part of a private computer network, your use of that network is your acknowledgement and understanding of our terms. We reserve the right to block any connection that could cause violatations to our terms, or undo usage of our network.
  12. Our service is provided "as is", "with all faults", and "as avaialble", We do not guarantee the timeliness or accuracy of information provided.
  14. None, we have no liability here. Our service is used "at your risk", and provided "as is".
  15. General Legal Terms
  16. Your use of Cyber Search Net ("we"), and the cybersearchnet.com ("our") website.
  • Notices
We do not claim owership, or rights to any information provided here, excluding original works.
  • Support
We offer little or no support, you are welcome to contact us at support@cybersearchnet.com.