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Privacy Policy

Updated 2013, January 1st • Effective 2013, February 1st


  • Questions about our Privacy Policy?
  • You can contact use via email at privacy@cybersearchnet.com, or write to us at

    Privacy Matters
    c/o: Cyber Search Net
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  • Information we collection
  • And how we use it.
    • Cookies
    In the normal use of our web site, we my send you some cookies to better allow you to customize your visit to our site, or to provide you with more specific results. We may also use cookies in generating advertising services to the site.
    • Log Information

    We may log your IP address, geo location of said IP address, basic browser data, and search request data. We use this information to provide usage data, and to help to improves to the site.

    • Location

    From your IP address, device, or brower we may acquire geo location data.